If your ever up in the Berkshires whether a night or a weekend, everyone should give this awesome spot a look up. They offer concerts, alcoholic testing and sometimes catered events.

Our crew finished this job in the winter months but we have been so busy with other projects we forgot to post it. The upper right section we completed the previous year.

Job details –
Stationary Factory
Dalton, MA
23,275 SQFT Replacement.
Roof Details –
2 layer built up Tear off down to the vented type B structural deck. Leaving the existing batten
insulation in-between the Flutes. 2 layers of 2.6″ insulation foamed to each rib. Tapered Crickets in-between drains as well as 8′ drain sumps. 1/2″ per ft Tapered insulation at all interior walls to promote positive drainage. Fully Adhered Carlisle .060 EPDM with 6″ seam Tape. Custom ES-1 Snap metal at coping walls.