Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Joe Narkawicz – President

Joe Narkawicz, the President of Tech Roofing, has been an integral part of the company for an impressive 42 years. With a background in masonry, concrete work, and roofing, Joe’s professional experience spans a wide range of roles, including general manager, Vice President, and now President. His educational background consists of high school education coupled with invaluable knowledge gained through real-life experiences.

Beyond his professional life, Joe finds joy in outdoor activities, music, collecting metal replica cars and trucks, as well as indulging in fine art and coin collecting.

Joe’s journey in roofing began at the age of 20 when he was seeking employment and was invited to go to West Virginia to install roofs. Within four weeks, he returned home and was entrusted with leading a crew, marking the beginning of his long and successful career in the industry.

For those considering a career in roofing or new employees, Joe advises pursuing the field if one enjoys working outdoors and thrives on constant change in locations. He emphasizes that hard work and dedication can lead to substantial growth opportunities and the potential to earn a significant income.

Above all, Joe’s favorite aspect of working at Tech Roofing is the close relationships cultivated with both customers and employees. The strong bond formed with clients and the dedicated team members contribute to the fulfilling and gratifying experience of being part of the Tech Roofing family.

Joshua Narkawicz – Vice President

Joshua Narkawicz, the Vice President of Tech Roofing, has dedicated an impressive 20 years to the company. With a degree from Bay State College, Joshua holds a position of leadership and is responsible for overseeing and managing all crews. His wide range of responsibilities encompasses estimating, daily operations, sheet metal work, and sales.

With a strong professional background in sales, negotiating, and various aspects of commercial and steep slope roofing, Joshua brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, sports, and cars, which serve as outlets for his personal interests.

For individuals considering a career in roofing or new employees, Joshua advises that skilled labor is in high demand. While roofing may involve hard work, he emphasizes its rewarding nature. Above all, his favorite aspect of working at Tech Roofing is the opportunity to collaborate with family members, fostering a strong sense of unity within the company.

Dylan Narkawicz – Safety Coordinator

Dylan Narkawicz is the Safety Coordinator at Tech Roofing, where he has dedicated 6 ½ years to the company. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Dylan manages a wide range of responsibilities, including overseeing the warehouse, permits, safety protocols, and day-to-day operations. Outside of work, he indulges in hobbies such as customizing RC trucks and cars, beach trips, traveling, working out, and spending quality time with his wife and dog. 

Dylan’s passion for roofing stems from a family business background, and he particularly enjoys droning all the jobs he works on. His advice to new employees or those considering a roofing career is to embrace the potential for good earnings by putting in the required hours. What Dylan loves most about Tech Roofing is the close bond among colleagues and the flexibility offered by the company.

Carlos Rivera – Roofing Supervisor

Carlos Rivera is a highly experienced Roofing Supervisor at Tech Roofing, where he has dedicated an impressive 26 years of his career. With a solid foundation of a high school education, Carlos takes charge of ensuring that every job is executed to perfection and completed within the allotted time frame. In his leisure time, he finds great joy in watching sports, indulging in the thrill of athletic competitions.

Carlos’s journey into roofing began through a school-to-work program, igniting his passion for the industry. When asked about his favorite projects, he appreciates the uniqueness of each endeavor, finding fulfillment in the diversity that comes with the territory.

For new employees or individuals considering a roofing career, Carlos advises taking it one day at a time, emphasizing the importance of patience and perseverance. What he treasures most about his time at Tech Roofing is the close-knit family environment, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the team members.

Lawrence DeRosies – Project Development Manager

Lawrence DeRosies is the Project Development Manager at Tech Roofing, with 4 years of dedicated service. With 33 years of professional experience in the industry and a GED education, Lawrence excels in bidding for work, procuring projects, and managing them effectively. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, watching sports, playing darts, and engaging in farmwork. Lawrence’s interest in roofing stems from his love for working outdoors and embracing diverse challenges. One of his favorite projects was the demanding Millennium Power Company job. His advice to newcomers and those considering a roofing career is to seize the opportunity to learn and grow, as the sky’s the limit. Lawrence appreciates the strong sense of family, teamwork, excellent benefits, and the availability of tools necessary to ensure every job is done right at Tech Roofing.

Tracy Scribner – Administrative Assistant

My name is Tracy Scribner, I have been working for Tech Roofing Service since 2006 as an administrative assistant. I am the friendly voice you hear on the other end when you call the office. I went to paralegal school, earned a certificate and made the dean’s list, but decided that wasn’t my passion. I take care of the day-to-day tasks of making up work orders for our service technicians, setting up projects, and keeping things organized so things run smoothly. I love working for Tech Roofing Service – everyone is like family. My hobbies include spending time with my grandchildren and enjoying life on my little farm with my animals.

Jennifer Courtney – Office Manager

Jennifer Courtney is an office professional with over 25 years of industry experience. After graduating with a math degree, she spent a short time in the banking industry before becoming a full-time mom and Army wife. She joined the Tech Roofing team in 1998 as a part-time clerk and has been the Office Manager since 2006.

Jennifer oversees the daily operations of the office. She is trustworthy, hardworking, organized and takes pride in her work. You’ll probably find her maintaining the company financials and payroll or managing the employee benefit program. Most importantly, she’ll happily handle removing any lost snakes from the building. Just don’t ask her about spiders…

When she is not working, she enjoys reading, gardening and healthy, no sugar/no flour cooking. Really.