Roof Inspection & Preventative Maintenance
An unreliable roof is one of the most aggravating problems of building ownership. Few building investments are more valuable than a roof, and few are more neglected. Many roofs are unattended 365 days a year, absorbing the worst climatic and environmental punishments of any part of the building. In too many cases, roofs get attention only when they have leaked or failed.

The Alternative . . .
Proper upkeep, in the form of a comprehensive, preventative maintenance program, a program which includes prompt and proper repairs, will significantly reduce maintenance costs and can be the key to roof longevity. You, as a building owner, will not only protect your investment and minimize problems; you will also help achieve the maximum performance from your roofing system.

The Solution . . .
Tech Roofing Service, Inc. can provide a variety of inspection and maintenance services that can maximize the life of your roof. Today, all roofing systems carry a manufacturer’s warranty if the system is installed by a certified roofing contractor. This alone will not keep a building dry. All warranties define the building owner=s responsibility for maintenance work. Damages resulting from the failure to perform periodic inspections and maintenance may cause exclusion from coverage by the terms of the warranty.

Whether you have a new roof with a 10 or 15 year warranty, or a roof that has been neglected, Tech Roofing Service can develop a cost-effective plan to suit your needs.

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