What a beautiful private prep school we just did this past week. If you ever go to a race at Lime Rock give this school a visit, you will be breath taken with how beautiful.
Job Details:
Hotchkiss School – Lakeville, CT
8200 SQFT Replacement

Roof Details:
Remove River Rock Stone Ballast. Remove the existing EPDM and tapered insulatin down to the steel deck.

Finish Roof:
New 5/8″ Densedck foamed in place with low rise foam adhesive. 725 Carlisle Vapor Barrier. 5″ flat stock insulation with 1/2″ per ft Tapered Insulation all set in low rise foam. 1/2″ Densdeck over the new tapered insulation package also set in low rise Foam. New .060 Fully Adhered EPDM with factory applied 6″ tape. New custom thru wall counterflashing as well as 20 OZ Copper Edge metal.