Here at Tech Roofing we sometimes forget about a few jobs we have done in the previous years but since it is way-back-wednesday we are reminiscing.

This is 2nd Time for Tech Roofing that we have re-roofed this Location in 30 years. The last roof, consisted of tapered insulation over the concrete deck with a ballasted 50 Mill Trocal PVC membrane.

Communication building
Job Details – 18,750 SQFT

New Roof –
Remove existing assembly down to the concrete deck. Carlisle 725 vapor barrier applied with Carlisle cav-grip. New 1/2″ per ft tapered insulation spray foamed over the 725 vapor barrier with 6″ bead spacing. 1/2″ 100 PSI coverboard over the insulation. New Carlisle .090 EPDM fully Adhered over the HD insulation. All seams had 6″ seam tape and 6″cured cover strip over each lap. EPDM walkways around all service equipment. New Blue water safety rails and hatch guards. Custom system 2000 ES-1 rated snap metal. 12 custom thru wall overflow boxes.