Wow!!! Is an understatement of how this job was. 12 stories high, 3 companies working together, one amazing turn out for this re-roof in Worcester, MA.

We could not thank everyone that was involved in this job more than our very own Bill Hasenjager. We would like to give a huge thank you for every single thing you did on this job each and every day. The crew worked extremely hard as always to complete this job before the winter comes.

Job details –
Coes Pond Apts 13 Story High Rise – Worcester, MA
ARM Roof Consultant Project
12,000 SQFT Replacement
Roofing Details –
Full Tear down to the concrete Deck. All removed by an onsite 130 ton Crane. Replacement with (1) layer of 2.6″ Foamed to the deck 4″ bead Spacing with a top layer of 2.6″ insulation with factory applied CGF 1/2″ board Attached. New Carlisle. 060 EPDM fully Adhered over the insulation. 6″ Seam tape with also a 6″ cured coverstrip at each lap. ANSI SPRI Edge metal as spec’d out.