There are many common questions that are asked when talking about your job. Here are a few questions roofers especially here at Tech roofing we get asked. What type of roofing do we do? What companies do you work for? Is there many challenges that are present when you’re working?

These are always great conversation starters to go into talk about the roofing industry. Here is the most current job we finished this week.

Cabot Corporation – Billerica, MA
Buildings 1,2,3
28,000 SQFT Replacement
ARM Roof Consultants

Roof Details –
Complete Tear offs down to the structural Steel or the hollow core concrete decks. Carlisle 725 vapor barrier used on the concrete deck sections. Full Tapered insulation packages with 4″ bead spacing and a 1/2″ HD iso coverboard on the concrete decking. Steel decking was (2) layers of 2.6″ insulation and a 1/2″ 100 PSI coverboard. All fastening based on FM specs. New Carlisle.090 fully Adhered EPDM with 6″ seams. Carlisle secure edge 2000 edge metal system. Custom safety rails including new fixed ladders and cross over stair cases.